For people who rejoice in simple pleasures, experience coffee right from our roaster to your door.

At Prime Roast Coffee Co., we believe in creating both coffee and community.

We roast all of our coffees from our historic Brick House Roastery on the outskirts of Keene, New Hampshire. From there, we ship bags of fresh whole or ground beans to your home and also stock our cafe in downtown Keene, where you can come enjoy a cup with a delicious baked good. You'll always see us out in the community, involved in various events that make our small town so wonderful. We're proud to extend this sense of community beyond our state borders, partnering with farmers around the world to provide certified Fair Trade and organic coffee. Whether you stop by our shop or order our coffee online, give us a try. You won't be sorry.

Our Cafe is located at:

16 Main Street

Keene, NH


Mon-Fri 7am to 8pm

Saturday 8am to 8pm

Sunday 9am to 5pm

The Latest News from Prime Roast

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Prime Roast, the place we call The Center of the Universe has been around for 23 years.

Prime Roast is a place to listen, to be heard without judgement, understood, appreciated and loved. It has been a daily refuge for so many members of our community, its a place where we share our lives in support of one another. For many of us that act of sharing ourselves is a critical centering force in an uncertain world, the thing we need most right now. Never has there been a more difficult decision put before us, it is difficult to express the grief we are feeling at this juncture. We have spent endless hours weighing risks and rewards during the early stages of Covid-19 outbreak. There is no doubt that social distancing is in the best interest of the entire community at this moment and we have been unable to find a way to conduct the day to day business at our busy cafe while maintaining adequate social distancing. For Prime Roast the decision we are making is not based on economics but what is best for our team and community.

In the interest of the health and safety of the entire community the Prime Roast cafe will temporarily suspend operations until further notice.

We are heartbroken at the thought of passing our time absent of the daily interactions with our community, but we are in hopes that a very difficult decision made now will provide a better outcome for the future of our community.

Prime Roast will maintain a small staff to keep the coffee bean orders, both to our mail order customers and our wholesale community, flowing. We've added a free shipping option on the website so you can have Prime Roast delivered to your home. SHOP NOW

Our goal is to stay positive; Emily will continue our awesomely positive social media messaging. Nicole will be devoted to adding lovely personal messages to your home delivery orders. Judy will keep company with Stella roasting the coffee. We are working with the rest of our amazing staff to find ways to keep them safe, healthy and on a stable footing financially. Our team is strong, we are a family and we will find a way to weather this crisis, we wish the same for our entire community.

We love you all,
Your coffee family