Organic Coffee

Prime Roast Coffee offers a selection of extraordinary organic coffees.

All of our organic offerings are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Growing organically helps reduce fossil fuel use, reduces soil erosion, and increases disease resistance in soils. A simple way to ensure that you always have delicious freshly roasted organic Prime Roast coffee on hand is to sign up for our Fair Trade Organic Roaster's Choice Subscription service. You can also browse all of our organic coffees.

We source our green beans with a focus on quality in the cup, as well as a fair price for the farmers and decent conditions for the workers.

Many of our conventional coffees are also grown using organic methods, but some cooperatives or small farms that meet the organic criteria may not be certified due to factors such as the added expense of certification. Be assured that we work to source responsibly.

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