Fair Trade Certified Coffee

Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility are at the core of our business practices, that is why Prime Roast Coffee Co. is a certified Fair Trade partner.

Buying Fair Trade means that the coffee farmers get a better price for their crop—which in itself is a worthy goal, but there is more to the Fair Trade model than ensuring sustainable prices for the producers.

Producer partners adhere to guidelines for eliminating harmful chemicals and protecting environmental resources, thus helping to ensure crop viability for future farmers and workers.

The cherry on top: Fairtrade earnings are used in community investment, with the farmers and workers empowered to make decisions on how best to reinvest for the betterment of the whole community; education, medical facilities, clean water infrastructure, and improved crop processing equipment are prime examples of how these funds are used.

Forming relationships within our community is a hallmark of Prime Roast Coffee Co., our commitment to Fair Trade expands our model to the global community.

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