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Guatemalan Decaf Coffee


Organic Coffee, Fair Trade Certified

Body: Lighter Body, Moderate Acidit

Flavor: Dark Chocolate, Floral, Lemon, Almond

Weight: 14 oz.


Prime Roast Fair Trade Coffee

Our Guatemalan Decaf coffee has a rich body combined with just enough brightness. The flavor consists of dark chocolate, floral hints, lemons, and almonds with a lingering aftertaste. The Typica and bourbon varieties of arabica may account for the generally superior complexity of the Guatemala cup. 

This coffee is both organic and fair trade. It is sourced from Huehuetenango, which offers a dry microclimate that protects from frost and allows coffee to be cultivated at up to a 2,000 meter altitude. This coffee is produced on small family farms that average 4 hectares in size using sustainable methods to improve productivity and farm health. It is hand sorted to remove defects.

Also Available As A Subscription

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Weight14 oz

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Medium or Dark Roast

Dark Roast, Medium Roast


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