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Nicaraguan Coffee


Organic Coffee, Fair Trade Certified

Body: Mild Acidity, Creamy Body

Flavor: Chocolate, Citrus, Tobacco

Weight: 14 oz.

Location: Segovia Mountains, Nicaragua

Varietals: Bourbon and Caturra

Processing: Fully Washed, Shade Grown, Hand Picked, Sun Dried


Prime Roast Fair Trade Coffee

Our Nicaraguan coffee comes in dark and medium roasts, both of which have the traditional flavors of many Central American coffeeschocolate and citrus with a pleasant undercurrent of mild tobacco. With mild acidity, a slightly crisp front end, and a creamy body, this coffee offers a balanced cup that contains just a hint of almond. It is grown at an average elevation of 1200 meters, which leads to a denser, higher quality bean. 

This coffee is both organic and fair trade. It is sourced from a cooperative of small farmers (30% of which are women) in the mountains of northern Nicaragua that works to improve farming practices to produce a higher quality product. Educational programs and economic diversification funding opportunities are offered through the cooperative, along with research in developing strategies for combating gender inequality and crop security.

Also Available As A Subscription

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Weight14 oz

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Medium or Dark Roast

Dark Roast, Medium Roast


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